Juicing is a good way to provide your recommended five portions of fruit and vegetable helpings, in order to live a healthy lifestyle.  With todays’ busy lifestyles its no wonder that people tend to miss out on the nutritional benefits, by grabbing something that is easy, rather than healthy.

Valuable intake of vitamins and minerals can be achieved through juicing which can protect you from diseases and aid in the recovery of illness.

Fruit and vegetables contain powerful, natural antioxidants for healthy and clear skin and aid in weight loss, with the folic acid helping to keep nails and hair strong and healthy.

Instead of choosing junk food and something ‘easy’ like crisps or a chocolate, make yourself a juice, which is a great deal better for you, is quick and easy to make and does not produce much mess. Junk food can make you feel bloated and you may need to eat a lot more to be fulfilled.

Some people, kids especially, may find it hard to eat their recommended five fruits or vegetables a day, so juicing can make it more appealing, with many juices containing at least three different combinations.

Consumers must also be aware of buying juice straight from the box, although many can be pure, you do not know exactly what is in the juice. Some juices can contain additives like preservatives and the beneficial nutrients can be lost due to the process of packing and diluting that will be present with a purchased juice. Drinking your own juices will also act as a detox due to the nutrients so you will start to look and feel a lot healthier, not to mention drinking your own juices will taste much better.