Mixing cocktails is not just a process, its a form of art in itself. Creating and presenting a cocktail can express your personality and individuality with cocktail making parties adding a fun and exciting social aspect.

From adding the ingredients, to presenting the finished drink in a glass with garnish, its not just about what it tastes like but how it looks!

Before attempting to make your cocktails please ensure you have the right tools (high quality jigger and shaker/mixing tin) as without these your cocktail making days will fail to even start!

Next make sure you find the right recipe you need for the cocktails you want to make, and choose good quality ingredients for the best possible results.

Always use fresh ice and put it into the mixing tin/shaker last to ensure it doesn’t melt to dilute the rest of the ingredients, when the shaker has built up condensation the drink is ready to pour.

Don’t go over the top with the garnish!

Finally keep calm, relax and enjoy (in moderation) the drinks you have created!