Drunksimus Maximus Recipe

Ingredients 1 1/2 oz blackberry brandy1 oz Southern Comfort peach liqueur Stir both ingredients together in a large shot glass or old-fashioned glass. Shoot.

Drunken Bunny Recipe

Ingredients 1 oz Bacardi orange rum1 oz Blue Curacao liqueur1 oz Midori melon liqueur1/2 oz whipped cream Blend first three ingredients together in a cocktail glass. The color should turn bright turquoise. Top with whipped cream, and serve.

Drop The Hammer On The Turkey Recipe

Ingredients 1 oz Wild Turkey 101 bourbon whiskey1 oz 151 proof rum1 splash grenadine syrup Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well, strain into an old fashioned glass with or without ice cubes, and serve.

Dreamsicle Jello Shots Recipe

Ingredients 1 package orange jello1 cup hot water1 cup vanilla liqueur Mix hot water and jello. Add liqueur. Pour into 2 ounce glasses or cups. Serve after the jello has set.

Big Unit Recipe

Ingredients 1 shot gold tequila1 tbsp Blue Curacao liqueur With tequila already in glass, pour Blue Curacao down the side so that it underlays the tequila. Do not mix!

Big Time Recipe

Ingredients 3/4 oz cognac3/4 oz Pernod licorice liqueur Mix in a shot glass and enjoy.