Key Punch Recipe

Ingredients 2 oz dark rum1 oz sugar syrup1 oz lime juice Pour ingredients into an old-fashioned glass three-quarters filled with broken ice. Garnish with a slice of lime speared with a cherry, and serve.

Hen Night Zipper-ripper Recipe

Ingredients 1 1/2 oz white rum1 oz advocaat liqueur3/4 oz mandarin juice3/4 oz lime juice1/4 oz grenadine syrup Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a slice of lime and a cherry, and serve.

Apple Martini Recipe

Ingredients 1 part Absolut vodka1 part DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker schnapps1 part apple juice Poor all ingredients into a shaker. Shake well and strain into a Martini glass.

Mongolian Recipe

Ingredients 1/2 oz vodka1/2 oz gin1/2 oz rum1/2 oz triple sec1/2 oz banana liqueur1/2 oz melon liqueur1 oz orange juice1 oz grapefruit juice1 oz pineapple juice1 splash grenadine syrup Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well,...

Coffee Nudge Recipe

Ingredients 3/4 oz dark creme de cacao3/4 oz coffee liqueur1/2 oz brandy6 – 8 oz hot coffee1 1/2 oz whipped cream Combine all with coffee and top with whipped cream.

The Extinguisher Recipe

Ingredients 1/2 oz vodka1/2 oz gin1/2 oz rum1/2 oz Grand Marnier orange liqueur1/4 oz Tia Maria coffee liqueur1/4 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur1 oz sweet and sour mix1 splash cranberry juicetop with draft beer Combine all alcohol in 12 oz. glass with ice. Add Sour Mix. Add...